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Welcome to Assembly

Assembly is a Student Management System as it's supposed to be: a tool that can really add value to your analysis of student assessment, attendance, learning support as well as well being. 



What's new in Assembly?

If you would like to see some of the wonderful things that Assembly can do for you, and how you can adapt Assembly to work the way you want to work, either contact our sales team or attend one of our roadshows. We'd love to have you come along and show you what the buzz is all about.


Our development team has been working extremely hard over the past few months and are proud to bring to you some of our latest additions to our Assembly lineup of modules:

  • A comprehensive new administration module - this new module not only handles the day-to-day running of your school, it also allows you to customise your student properties so you can add your own. With the addition of special groups, fast access to arrivers, leavers and official checks, as well as staff records and alarms, your administration module will cover all your needs.
  • Our fantastic new portal system allows easy communication between staff and caregivers/students. With the ability to choose to automatically send well-being incidents, learning support information, assessments, observations, caregiver reports and so much more, parents will be able to keep up to date with their child's progress. In addition, users are able to have conversations with single students or caregivers or groups of students and caregivers, including the ability to upload photos and movies. We are sure you will love how you can use the portals to communicate directly with your parents and students.
  • Our class-at-a-glance page as well as our teacher dashboard visualisation give you instant access to everything to do with your students. With a single click you can view attendance data, assessment results, well-being records and learning support information. Without ever having to go to the reporting side, your teachers will be able to view what has been happening with their students from one, easy to use place.
  • Our new attendance module allows fast access for teachers to quickly record daily absences. It also allows attendance officers to view unexplained absences and quickly alter these, see which teachers have completed their registers, and attend to alarms, following up on students that may have attendance issues.
  • Our observation area allows teachers to quickly enter assessment data related to a single student, though this is currently being adapted to suit groups of students as well. Want to record learning stories, track specific student progress, take a photo and upload it for your group, and link Curriculum objects and outcomes - this can all be done very quickly from our observation area.


Student data at your fingertips

Your staff will love Assembly's Administration module. Have all the data you need on your students, past, present and future, at your fingertips with Assembly's easy-to-nagivate screens. With links to ENROL, and fast creation of all Roll Return data, Assembly streamlines all Ministry requirements.


Manage your accounts - easily

Assembly's Accounts  Receivable module allows you to invoice, request donations, receipt and report with ease.  Our partnership with Xero allows you to seamlessly handle automatic payments and batch uploading. 


Student Hub brings it all together

Assembly's Student Hub is where it all happens - assessments, planned assessments, behaviour management, attendance and so much more.



Interact with your data in real-time

Assembly's powerful visualisation tool allows you to access and interact directly with your assessment and  attendance data.  Analyse your data using graphs and grids, filtering and sorting your data with simple clicks. 




Caregiver Reports designed for you

Our helpful reporting team are happy to work with you to create personalised caregiver reports that have been designed specifically for your school. Teachers enter the data  and preview their reports directly within Assembly.


Exceptional customer support

Our Assembly Support Team provides superior personalised support and is an integral part of the Assembly experience. Connect in multiple ways for help and support via:  comprehensive Knowledge Base, on screen help, email and 0800 number.






Training and Informational Webinars

Refresh your knowledge, up-skill staff and keep abreast of new features and functionality via live webinars.  Webinars are up to date and personal allowing interaction with the presenter and are a valuable tool in providing a constant training environment. Attend as often as you like these free sessions which are available to all staff. 


Personal attention through our Account Managers

Our Assembly support team includes account managers over the whole of New Zealand. Contact the account manager for your area to organise personal training and consultancy for your school. They will be happy to help you customise your Assembly application so it exactly suits your needs and help your staff get the most out of Assembly.