Assessments and Integrated Planning

Assembly's student hub is the gathering place for principals and teaching staff to be able to enter, view, analyse and report on all student assessments, schedule re-occurring assessments and create integrated plans. With the ability to keep all information together, in one place, teachers are able to quickly work on their assessments, managers are able to collate the assessments together for analysis and principals are able to graphically display the assessments quickly and easily for board of trustee, ministry, personal and caregiver reporting.


Plan and distribute school-wide assessments

Assembly's planning management module has been designed to enable assessment managers to create re-usable planned assessments and publish these as often as needed. This simple process allows managers to very quickly plan out a years work and publish these assessments out to teachers with a few simple clicks. Managers are then able to track how teachers are going with recording assessment data through an information button. Viewing and analysing school-wide data and combinations of data is able to be done with a simple click of a button.


Create ad-hoc assessments

Outside of planned, school-wide assessments, teachers also have the ability to create their own ad-hoc assessments, thus allowing them to keep track of any assessment related data on their students. Once data has been entered into an assessment, whether planned or ad-hoc, teachers are able to visualise and analyse their data with a click of a button. Teachers are also able to combine assessments together and analyse the results.


Personalise your own curriculum frameworks

The Assembly team are aware that every school is different. We therefore supply the curriculum frameworks in three different options - by level, by area of learning and level or by area of learning on it's own. Schools can then add to and alter the frameworks to make them personal to their own requirements. We also allow for both the catholic and the seventh day adventist curriculums, with Maori and other frameworks coming soon. And, if you like working completely out of the box, you can create your own frameworks completely from scratch. 


Assess by student group or individual student

Assessments are not always the same. Sometimes it is easier to work with a whole class at a time, quickly filling in the results down the page, such as for tests. Other times it is a lot easier to concentrate on a single student at a time, such as for caregiver reporting. Assembly allows you to use both methods, at any time, or switch between them - whatever suits you when you are working.


Create customisable Integrated Plans

Forget third-party software applications and web-sites, Assembly has a fully customisable planning module which can be set up to suit your specific requirements. Our Integrated Planning area, which seamlessly talks to our assessment module, is template driven. This means that you, or our support staff, can create one or more templates with your design, your wording, and your curriculum. And, once the templates are created, teachers will be able to set up their plans using familiar formats and fields.

Templates can include text areas, checkbox lists, dropdowns and links to the curriculum frameworks. Each template can also include multiple sections which are displayed as tables, with each section being able to include the same text areas, checkbox lists, links the framework and so much more. Rows can be added to the section tables as needed, which means that this each section can be as small or as great as you like. 

If you like a plan that you have created, you will be able to add it to our universal resource, the Assembly Bank, where other schools can download, customise and use your plan within their own school. This shared resource allows you to import templates and plans that have been uploaded by any Assembly School.