For Administrators

Assembly's administration module has been designed completely around the specific needs of the school office. This feature provides schools with easy access to data in a secure and friendly environment, without the need for extensive training.

Easy for Administration staff to learn - up and running in a day


Assembly is an easy to navigate, comprehensive database with a clean and crisp interface.  Based around the administrative workflow, staff will quickly be confident users.

Assembly sites come pre-populated with student data from your previous student management system, so you are up and running immediately.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Linked Knowledge Base articles on all aspects of Assembly
  • Enter requests and feedback via the customer portal 
  • Webinars designed for administrative users occur regularly

Intuitive data entry & prompts for information transfers to MoE ENROL


Assembly aims to make data entry as intuitive as possible. Assembly checks and validates information entered to comply with Roll Return and ENROL requirements.

Panels on the Dashboard provide information on upcoming and due enrolments, uploads to ENROL and other features.


  • Checked data entry which ensures that data integrity
  • Data entry follows a natural workflow
  • Quick and easy to update data

Personal 0800 Support Team with friendly staff available to take your calls


Located in Christchurch, our Support Team is available from 8am to 4.30pm to answer your questions on all aspects of Assembly including assistance in customising reports.

Call as often as you like!  There are no additional charges for calls.


  • Our staff are happy to work through any queries and resolve any issues with you
  • Support available via phone, email and customer portal

Simple MoE Roll Return process


Assembly makes this process very simple. Student data can be checked for Roll Returns as soon as they are enrolled.

A simple step by step process is followed so that all the stress is removed from what can be a fraught time.

Webinars are available to refresh users of the process at the relevant times of the school year.


  • Administrators are able to check individual student's roll return data at any time
  • Final checks are easily completed to ensure that the data is accurate
  • Draft and Final copies of the Returns are accessible with a click of a button
  • Users submit the electronic Returns directly to the MoE

All student information accessible from one page


We know how important it is for you to be able to see all the data related to a student, so we made the process as smooth as possible. Locating a student is as easy as typing their name in the top bar and pressing Search. Once located, the student's data is shown in a series of tabs at the top of the page, making it easy to step through and see all the information on a student. In addition, Assembly provides a basic information page on each student which provides the most commonly used fields on a single overlay.


  • Single place for all individual student data
  • Users are able to quickly locate students by typing in the search bar
  • Information related to the selected student for each module is available in the tabs at the top of the page
  • A basic information overlay is available in a number of areas in Assembly

electronic Attendance Registers (eAR)  for paperless attendance


Teachers are provided with registers twice each day, which can marked quickly. Administration staff then only see which students are absent without a reason. 

Assembly is integrated with all approved MoE Early Notification providers.  Assembly receives the Caregivers response so absences can be  updated as applicable to the reason given.

Follow-up reports and alerts are automated within Assembly to ensure that staff are able to keep on top of issues with student attendance.


  • Use the amazing Assembly Phone App to take registers on any smart phone or tablet - wherever teachers are
  • Future absences can be recorded in advance
  • Simple collation of attendance data for MoE survey submission
  • Variety of reports are available for analysing attendance for individuals and school-wide
  • MoE approved for electronic attendance

Accounts receivable package written specifically for school requirements


Assembly comes with a very comprehensive Accounts Receivable package written specifically with school's needs in mind.

Automatic payments, account adjustments, group and individual invoicing and receipting, multiple batches, and so much more are a breeze in Assembly.

Assembly is working closely with Xero and will provide seamless integration


  • Comprehensive Accounts Receivable module
  • All standard Accounts Receivable procedures are available
  • School-specific procedures are also included such as pre-paying and group invoicing
  • Extensive accounts reports are available for printing statements, invoices and more